Send multiple proposals to your potential guests with a smart and customized quote.
Increase direct bookings through your website right away!

Lead Care is a native tool of pod.camp: you will be able to create multiple personalized offers within the PMS, hence taking advantage of all the information already configured in your facility environment. 


Lead Care is a one-to-one quotation system. 

Starting from a simple form integrated in your website, the future guest will provide the features of his/her ideal vacation. The request will arrive directly in pod.camp and will be taken care of by your facility operator, who can quickly create one or more proposals and send a notification to the customer. 


From there, the¬†potential¬†guest will land on an¬†emotional¬†mini-site¬†dynamically generated¬†by the system. The user will¬†get¬†the¬†perception¬†of being in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčyour¬†website entirely dedicated to him/her and will feel pampered by exclusive and personalized images and information details.¬†

In case of doubts or further requests, the future guest will still be able to communicate with the operator via an asynchronous chat. All this will help you to convert the quote into a real reservation.   


After selecting the proposal that is closest to his/her wishes, the guest will be invited by the operator to make the payment through the methods provided by your facility. In this way, the whole process will become more fluid and communication will remain accessible within pod.camp.


Take care of your guest, achieve all this in a few simple steps without ever leaving pod.camp! 

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