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Camping Management Software

Are you looking for a complete software solution for your campsite?

Choose our PMS for campsites and holiday villages, both on cloud and on-premise.
POD.CAMP is a suite of easy to use, multi-structure, cross browser and cross mobile software solutions. It is born inside a company with a large know-how in the open air field.


Booking engine

Booking Engine

tailor made
Tailor-made for your site

An innovative solution for online booking that perfectly integrates with your website and with the PMS/software that you already use to manage your campsite or group of campsites.

advance payments
Advance payments

Increase advanced payments and reduce abandoned bookings with our easy, safe and simple-to-use system.

total integration
Total integration

The integration of the Booking Engine with your PMS/software means getting bookings and monitoring availability in real-time. A personalizable booking form (widget) blends in perfectly with your website design.

real time booking
Bookings direct from your website

Say goodbye to costly 3rd party booking portals: customers book directly on your site.

management software

Private Area

Registration of the personal information of the group leader and group members during the pre check-in phase.

Speeds-up future bookings.

Customer retention.



App Personalizzata

Keep in touch

Keep in touch with your guests by communicating events and special offers – both during and after their stay.

Completely personalizable

Personalizable design, integrated with your logo and design.


Web tableau

Booking and availability in real-time

Visualize your bookings in real-time. Track your campsite with the POD.CAMP Web Tableau.

Simple and clear

Bookings, stays and availability all at a glance.

Strategic overview

Strategic overview of your campsite thanks to personalizable colour coding.

Web based

No software installation is required, usable on Windows or Mac and on all mobile devices.

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Web tableau

Captive Portal

Captive portal

Must have

Wi-Fi connection is one of the first amenities a traveller looks for when booking a particular accomodation and it also determines his evaluation at the end of the stay.

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Access to a Wi-Fi network requires a good control system and can become a business opportunity for your campsite or tourist village if you offer your guests premium connections, in addition to the ability to connect for free.

POD.CAMP offers a Captive Portal which is able to manage both free and premium access within his PMS.

  • Collect useful marketing data and offer your guests the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network with the same credentials used to the restricted area of your web site
  • Define the sales policies of the Wi-Fi service directly from the PMS interface that will charge for the purchase of premium connections made by your guests with the Captive Portal
  • The Captive Portal POD.CAMP integrates with leading device and traffic management systems (eg. MikroTik)

Customize the Captive Portal for your campsite or tourist village with logos, text and websites’ links. Create a tool for loyalty and connection with your guests.


IOT Internet Of Things

Integration with pedestrian and vehicle access control.

Activation and deactivation of drinking water and electricity outlets, with consumption control.

Keyless access to private bathrooms and housing units.

Guests’ identification with charge in protected access areas (pools, spas, water parks, etc.)

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Business Intelligence

Consultancy for a real time analysis of data and key metrics for your camping site or groups of campings.

Business Intelligence

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager is an essential tool that helps synchronize rates and bookings with the main web portals and agencies.

No need to worry about any manual operation for managing all the various channels.

The Channel Manager automatically receives bookings made through OTAs and instantly updates prices and availability on all your portals.

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Channel manager




Ultra-wide band internet and Wi-Fi services for your campsite or group of campsites.

Web Marketing

Web Marketing

SEM services, SEO both On-page and Off-page, SEA, SMO optimized for open air tourism.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design

Development of your website with a responsive approach, optimized for the main devices.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence

Assistance with real-time analysis of all the data and key metrics of your campsite or group of campsites.


POD.CAMP is an open system already integrated with Microsoft, Review Pro, HUB and EOLO. It guarantees:

  • power BI
  • control over all guest feedback and online reputation in one dashboard
  • real time access control (vehicle and pedestrian)
  • connectivity for your business

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