An increasingly smart campsite thanks to the Internet of Things. Identification, access control and e-money system in one place. is integrated with devices that allow: 

  • pedestrian and vehicular access control, 
  • the activation and deactivation of potable water and electricity of the columns with consumption control, 
  • Keyless access to private bathrooms and housing units, 
  • identification of chargeable guests in protected areas, such as swimming pools, SPAs, water parks, etc 


We have also created an App that allows the management of e-money by merchants that are located in your facility, such as restaurants and bars. 

Payments made by the customers of the campsite or village will be managed, using special bracelets with NFC tags and the flows will be credited through the Stripe circuit, directly to the merchants’ accounts.

Braccialetti con tag  NFC

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