Channel Manager


Today you can take advantage of OTAs and get reservations even in the low season; via the integration with the channel manager, reservations are directly imported into the management system.

The Channel Manager will directly import into the management system the reservations from OTAs, which represent very useful sales channels for your campsite business, especially in the low season.

Nowadays, managing each channel from a single interface provides an agile way of dealing with sales for an advanced structure.

We are integrated with the major industry portals.

Channel manager import bookig
Channel Manager Web Based


Manage every portal through a single control panel, accessible from any connected device: you will have access to youreservations at any time, wherever you are.  

Channel Manager Sicurezza


The exchange of information between the Channel Manager and the distribution channels takes place through technologies that safeguard your customers’ sensitive data. 

Channel Manager performante


Optimize sales and strengthen your presence and visibility on the electronic distribution channels by managing them in the cloud through a single interface. 

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