Booking Engine


The integration of the widget on your website will allow you to get direct bookings and share availability and prices in real time, in accordance with the booking rules in the PMS.

The Booking Engine guarantees a secure payment system based on Stripe, a world leader in online transactions, equipped with an anti-fraud system based on artificial intelligence. During the reservation process, we will ask your guest for basic personal data and allow him/her to enter the credit card details directly into the Booking Engine, thus avoiding any landing on the external page of a traditional payment gateway.

The result? Fewer abandoned carts and more conversions.

The Private Area will allow the guest to subsequently enter the requested additional data, thus speeding up the check-in procedure.

At any time the guest will also be able to modify the reservation or make a new one in complete autonomy. Furthermore, through the implementation of Google Analytics cross-domain monitoring, you can request the integration of data of the users who visit your website with those of the online booking.

BOL disponibilità


The PMS and the Booking Engine users share the same availability, thus canceling any chances of overbookingYou decide which accommodation units are bookable online. 
BOL Multistruttura


If your facility is part of a group, you can share the same Booking Engine by cross-selling between the various facilities. 

BOL responsive


A perfectly harmonized widget with the graphic aspect of your website and an optimized booking journey for all devices (desktops, tablets and smartphones). 
BOL conversioni


The endogenous payment system and the reduction of profiling data will guarantee an increase in the conversion rate. You will immediately notice a reduction in abandoned reservations and an increase in revenue. 
Booking online mangement


Manage online bookings in a simple wayGuests will prefer direct booking from your website, which means no more costs related to booking portals. 



The flexibility of the rules system will allow you to offer your guests price lists with dynamic pricing and special offers based on the booking period. 
Customize your rules in order to sell the stays at your facility in a peculiar way. 

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