The new webtableau is available starting today!

Web based Web based

The new tableau requires no software installation, is reachable directly from the platform in the Availability menu -> WebTableau, therefore usable in Windows or Mac and on all mobile devices.

Day by day

day by day statusDay by day

This new version allows you to visualize, at a glance, the occupancy status of each single products’ category, day by day.

The size and color of the histogram represent the occupancy status of each single category. Tall and red histograms indicate that the category is reaching its upper limit of occupancy, while the short and green ones show that there is still plenty of availability.

Overbooking Overbooking

A completely new overbooking indicator that can be accessed in two ways:

By category and by day
The black histogram indicates an occupancy level over 100%

By category when there is at least one product with at least one day of overbooking, the name of the category will be indicated by a black background.

In both cases, it is possible to identify the resource that is currently overbooked by examining the details of that category, as one or several empty lines, highlighted in blue , will appear under the product, in the calendar area. Scrolling horizontally, it’s possible to identify the data on which two or more elements are found (bookings or stays)

Stand by


A completely new feature that places bookings and stays with a not yet defined product within the category but in a well-defined area, called the waiting area, highlighted in yellow before the product.

Identifying a category containing elements (bookings and stays) with products that have not yet been assigned is very easy, because a pin icon appears next to the category name ( Pin ).

MORE DETAILS View deatils

By clicking on single elements (bookings and stays) it’s possible to view more details and open the respective management interface.

Moreover, by using the arrows
Arrows it’s possible to move the element to the first free product of lower or higher numbering. - © 2018 | All rights reserved | P.IVA 03477380285 | Privacy Policy