We are always looking for new technological and multimedia realities that allow complete and innovative integration, in order to offer our customers maximum efficiency. Our partnerships involve big names in this world.


It is a software that helps you monitor the guest experience and improve your reputation thanks to the appreciation survey for each structure. During the stay it is possible to collect opinions from your guests and after the stay to gather their satisfaction by preventing negative reviews thanks to an alert system and an automatic procedure for a timely management of the complaint. 


It is a company specialized in the electronics sector, in specific areas such as access control. The license plate reading and recognition system is oriented towards the typical use by villages or campsites that wish to grant access to their facilities, with a system that dynamically acquires the existing personal data on the PMS without having to re-enter the data relating to license plates of the customers in complete safety. 


Travel Appeal is a platform that allows you to have integrated control of your property’s online reputation and of your customer’s feedback in a single dashboard. 


Epipoli is a company that promotes its indispensable prepaid cards for the final consumer during his holiday period. 


It provides solutions for automation, access control and license plate reading. Their systems adapt perfectly to tourist accommodation facilities by simply managing pedestrian and vehicular access in order to monitor access safely. Fully integrated to allow simplicity and high performance quality standards. 


It designs and manufactures cameras for the license plate reading sector, for a better traffic management and access control, for the safety of the accommodation facility. The reading of the plates is always distinct and precise, demonstrating the quality and efficiency of the product, even in less than optimal environmental conditions. 

It is a new generation channel manager, which reaches multiple sales channels and is an ideal solution for villages and vacation homes. 

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